The Brotherhood of the Vieja Guardia (Old Guard) is a cultural association and with a lawful personality of itís own, whose objective is, to spread " the supreme reality of Spainís history" and to watch " for the guard and custody of the principles which inspired the national syndicalsim" (article. 4 Statute).

It was born soon after the Spanish civil war had ended, with the objective to regroup a Brotherhood of the falangistas that had suffered in the civil war. The political change in Spain, soon after the death of Franco in 1975, motivated the disappearance of many institutions. But The Old Brotherhood knew how to be at the top of the new circumstances and to proceed at their own pace.

At present, to become a member of the Brotherhood you need to be older than 18 years (or older than 16 emancipated) to submit evidence of a lifestyle harmonious with the manner to be a falangista. Those younger than 18 years of age and those older than 16 years of age, who are not emancipated, will be able to form part of the Brotherhood by the quality of their aspiration, with voice but without vote. The Brotherhood is not a political party and therefore, the belonging or not to party or other similar cultural organisations does not exclude becoming part of this one.