The wings wings are the emblem of the Old Guard. Composed of two angles of silver and heraldic red, representing the first and second line of the Falange. The first is the shock line and the second the rearguard despite the valour and risk being the same, that opens the wings of Victory in Gold, under the captaincy of José Antonio; with his three bright stars of silver as spiritual remembrance of his presence and control of the Falange. Fernando Chausa Arosa, member of our directive junta, created this invocation and the National Junta of the Old Guard approved it in the year 1942.

The Medal of the Old Guard is the eternal present of the Fallen in the War of Liberation (1936-1939). Represented by a field of bright stars and its configuration is in the following form:

A bright star in remembrance of José Antonio ((the biggest one and in the superior part), accompanied by ten bright stars, which indicate the presence of a squad of The First Line and another one of The Second Line, loyal up to the death in the dawning hour of One Motherland Big and Free. The Medal hangs on a pin in gold where it is engraved the category of the comrade before the war of liberation. The ribbon in the centre is embroidered in black, like a rigorous mourning of the Yoke and the Arrows of the Falange.

At present, the medal continues being imposed though, given the distance of the civil war, the conditions for its grant has been modified.